We build capability and capacity, not dependency.

Do you ever feel like the world is speeding past your organization at breakneck speed?

The rapid emergence of new technologies, liquid customer expectations, the impact of the Great Resignation, increasing commoditization, inflation, supply chain disruptions,  and the rise of new competition — it's all overwhelming. Each day brings fresh and diverse challenges to navigate in the business world. Let's admit it, relying solely on past strategies is no longer enough to ensure your business remains relevant.

It's time to become agile, resilient, and well-aligned. 

Dynamic Headline

What if everybody in the organization has a voice in the creation and execution of the strategy?

What if leaders could achieve stability in an era of uncertainty, focusing on strategic growth instead of constantly firefighting?

What if we could redefine the significance of insights within an organization?

What if our ability to navigate continuous change is our new competitive advantage?

What if we could inspire individuals to develop an insatiable curiosity about their customers, driving them to enhance their experiences?

What if we could use a rolling plan to continually refine strategy rather than updating in five-year cycles?

What if all stakeholders are invited to regularly check assumptions, hack time-sensitive strategic issues, create a pipeline of initiatives, and prioritize the roster of planned big moves?

What if all stakeholders join real conversations about root causes and stumbling roadblocks to success?

What if we could shift from budget inertia to on-demand resource allocation for every investible opportunity over the coming period?

What if our business units get creative and could share improvement, innovation, and growth plans without adding caveat about eventualities that could hamper them?

What if we could stimulate a debate before approving a strategy to see if it is realistically feasible to achieve our goals?

Build a Capability Engine That Outpaces Change

Our capability engine equips leaders to build an agile, resilient and well-aligned organization. Here teams can tackle any problem or seize any opportunity, both now and in the future without any outside support. It encourages a culture of innovation where everyone knows how to maximize their contributions, feels valued and engaged, and is motivated to stay with your organization.

IMT Capability Building Model

An apprentice has minimal training or education in this field and hasn't yet undertaken real projects requiring the new skill. However, they demonstrate keen interest, enthusiasm, and a proactive approach to learning the craft.

We begin by cultivating expertise in select employees, whom we call "Instructors," through a specialized mentorship model. The  "Instructors" are Experts or Masters, and adept at passing the methods and expertise to the "Facilitators" in specific areas, who act as change agents and Ambassadors.

The Facilitators lead collaborative working sessions, guiding the participants to achieve the project outcomes. They tap into the extended network and equip "Apprentice's" to become "Practitioners" by applying the methods in their day to day work. 

Practitioner is an individual who has a good understanding of the subject, backed by a portfolio showcasing practical projects completed during internships or jobs.

And then we repeat the process to expand these  capabilities in new areas.

The spider diagram maps an individual's multi-disciplinary capabilities in specific areas. 

The Facilitator can use this as an effective tool to recruit new talent for a project, ensuring the team has the right mix of complementary skills to meet the unique business challenge.

The model is a capability and capacity-building engine, accelerating your organization's adoption of adaptive skills and a design-led actionable toolkit. It equips you to become self-sufficient with predictable results.

Our Teaching Principle: Shaping Minds and Futures

Our capability building approach is crafted to facilitate your mastery of the practical concepts and toolkits that hold the utmost significance for your career and your organization, both now and in the years to come. Each session consists of the 4 steps:


Learner listens to the theory, framework, models, process, or tool central to the practice. Why and how they will use it and the possible areas of application.


Learners strengthen their understanding from one or more real-life instances (story, case-study, video) illustrating the practical side to the theory.


Learners develop a practical hands-on experience of applying what they learnt in small groups. They  learn from perspective of other participants.


Learners reflect on how they have grown as an individual, team player, and a leader. How can they use the session learning to inspire action at workplace.

3 Levels of Capability Building Program

A program that enables you to build a design-led innovation culture in your organization and scale adaptive skills. We partner with you to co-create comprehensive initiatives aimed at empowering your teams to enhance creativity, collaboration, and human-centered approaches.


Build your reimagination & reinvention skills. Become a front-line change maker with a human-centered approach, strategic thinking and a design-led adaptive toolkit in your daily work to tackle problems (irresolution to resolution) and make solutions visible delivering business results.


Become highly skilled at preparing, designing, and facilitating meetings; problem-solving, transformation, strategy, and innovation work sessions that get results for diverse audiences. Become adept at bringing critical conversations to the forefront and addressing long-standing barriers.


Learn to teach design and strategic thinking to help colleagues develop new skills to deal with uncertainty, increase the throughput of successful strategic initiatives, solve complex problems, learn from failure, and forge a commitment to change mindsets and transform the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills will participants develop and apply?
One crucial skill we focus on is problem-framing, essential for effective problem-solving, and enabling meaningful solutions. While using the term "problems," we encompass issues, challenges, and opportunities. Often, teams aim to seize significant opportunities rather than merely solve problems. However, this is just one aspect of the skills we cultivate. Some might be interested in practically developing and leveraging the company's unique strengths, while others may find value in seeking solutions for enhancing customer experience, organizational redesign, or culture change.

The other signifiant skill is the mindset required to become agile and resilient.

Each program's content is tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants for Enterprise solutions.

How can we expand this to encompass the entire organization?
In addition to our Practitioner, Facilitator, and Instructor certification programs, we provide a self-paced e-learning option accessible to all members of your organization from our Business Reinvention/Design module. However, for optimal effectiveness, participants in the e-learning program are encouraged to be mentored by the Facilitators who act as Ambassadors or change agents. We also conduct speeches and workshops designed for larger groups within your organization, facilitating a broader understanding of our innovative processes. Additionally, we offer workshops tailored for leadership, to enhance their appreciation for the need to be agile, resilient, and well-aligned.
As an experienced designer, would it be possible for me to bypass the Practitioner Certification Program and directly enroll in the Facilitator Certification Program?
The Facilitator Certification Program is exclusively open to individuals who have successfully completed the Practitioner Certification Program. We require even the most experienced practitioners and facilitators of human-centered design, including our own, to fulfill this prerequisite.

The Practitioner Certification Program serves as an introduction to the Agile and Resilient Strategy Toolkit, and the framework you will be facilitating during the Facilitator Certification Program. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly understand and master the MARS System before becoming a facilitator for it.

Are there additional licensing fees?
In the Practitioner/Facilitator/Instructor Certification program, access to materials such as video recordings, tools, and digital templates is exclusive to them. They can’t share it with everyone in your organization.

There is an option to license all content for the entire organization for an additional fee.

Independent coaches/consulting companies can contact us to know how they can license the toolkit to their clients.

What would be ideal business challenge?
The process is adaptable to any type of business problem or opportunity. Ideally, it's most effective when addressing a problem, you're struggling with, and finding a solution that holds significant meaning or value once resolved. While technical problems can certainly be addressed, we often recommend starting with process or people-related challenges. Complex technical issues may require additional methods to arrive at solutions effectively. However, regardless of the nature of the problem, we collaborate with you upfront to determine the most valuable and efficient path forward.

The Results - Shift From Thinking to Doing

The capability building program extends beyond providing a hands-on learning approach and a toolkit. The learning solution is designed for effortless scalability to accommodate large groups, while also being adaptable and personalized to cater to the unique requirements of each team.


Your capability and capacity engine will enable you and your team to combat complexity and take smart risks to drive business growth

It enables you to target, solve, and implement your most important opportunities without needing external support.


Solving a single problem can cover the program's cost multiple times. The ability to do this repeatedly is invaluable. 

The program helps you embrace change, spark new thinking, and increase operational speed. Throughout the program, you will uncover hidden opportunities and turn them into reality.


We don't stop with just a few Instructors, Facilitators, and Practitioners. We strive to scale these capabilities across your entire organization by changing the way people work. 

The outcome is an agile and resilient team, a work environment that promotes innovation and improves the morale and productivity of employees.

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