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To equip people with adaptive skills and toolkits to ride the waves of change and unlock breakthrough results.

Drive Transformation for Greater Agility and Resilience
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Enterprises & Careers Reimagined and Reinvented to Become Agile, Resilient, and Well-aligned

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Dear IMT, Thank You IMT. (feedback from our clients)
"Our work culture needs a reset."

"Working with IMT has sparked changes in ways we work — subtle shifts in individual work approaches, team dynamics, and significant overarching changes in the mindset."

"We need help understanding the impact of shifts in the industry, envision our destination, and chart the course to reach it."

"Our company is sold on the power of practical, visual tools to co-create — solve problems and see the big picture. Our IMT- certified Instructors have trained 100+ people on how to use foresight, innovation, and problem-solving tools. Thanks for making us independent. We use the tracker we created with IMT to communicate the progress of our strategic initiatives once a week, and now our leaders make timely decisions."

"Our teams are not aligned and work in silos. We are unable to focus on delivering customer value."

"With clear decision rights, better understanding of customer journeys, real-time flow of information between departments, and systems to act on the voice of customers, our front-line staff can make better high-quality decisions. Thanks, IMT for the boost in the NPS score and more 4 and 5-star customer ratings."

"I am at a career crossroads and want to change the trajectory."

"The Practitioner Certification Program “Strategic Agility for Corporate Leaders” has enormously influenced my professional growth. Your passion, expertise, and commitment have profoundly altered my outlook on the future. I look forward to implementing these invaluable insights to help my organization thrive in the coming years and make a positive impact. Your training exceeded my expectations — you incorporated visionary thinking, strategic thinking, and practical application into each session. Your ability to connect theory and practice was remarkable."

"People are resistant to change in our organization."

"You're the masters of change.  What I've come to realize over the past year is that implementing changes to systems and processes is one thing, but ensuring that people are actively engaged and effectively utilize them is entirely a different challenge. The level of transformation I've witnessed surpasses anything I have seen before."

"We’ve unique challenges, opportunities, client expectations, and work requirements. Will you be a right fit?"

"Their approach sets IMT apart: they bring a well-defined process and work principles to the table, yet they don't simply dictate, "Follow these steps, no exceptions." Instead, they invested time in comprehending our unique business landscape. Few of the IMT team members possess a deeper understanding of our business than some of our staff."

"We’ve worked with Big4, and want to explore a new way of working."

"I have dealt with Big4 consulting firms. They would leave us with ppts and templates to figure out. It felt like IMT was an extension of my team, with loads of new perspectives on situations and making work fun. Everybody in my team could see a piece of the contribution in the final solution and the productivity has significantly improved."

We Make Now, Near, Next & Beyond Happen

Discover new ways of thinking and doing to recapture the spark, spirit and speed like a startup

We consult. We train. We coach. We enable and inspire.  Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint  LLP is where design and business come together and place customers at the epicenter.  

We serve leaders who can't wait to make change happen and execute an agile and resilient strategy.

We help driven leaders and entrepreneurs embrace uncertainty, transform their businesses, and nurture people with a focus on swift action, measurable results, internal capability building, and delivering value to stakeholders. During the transition, we help eliminate obstacles like dysfunction, miscommunication, fear, misalignment or inexperience, that can impede progress and increase sunk costs due to strategic drift.


The book Master Agile and Resilient Strategy provides a proven framework and design-led actionable toolkit for an adaptive strategy formulation, activation, and execution. This enables you to stay relevant in the era of uncertainty and build a vision for ROI measurement.

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Upgrade your strategy, innovation, and transformation toolkit with frameworks, 50+ assessments, and 500+ design templates. The toolkit provides a straightforward approach and works at scale to enable efficiency and sky-rocket business results. 



We build skills to transform organizations. Equip individuals, small teams, and organizations with in-person/ virtual/ hybrid courses to spark disruptive thinking, ideation, and problem solving, boost clarity and alignment to collaborate for tangible action.



Unlock your potential by amplifying your impact, leading with simplicity, and overcoming challenges as a leader of a design-led organization. Receive tailored individual or team coaching covering a spectrum of topics.

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From 1-5 day workshops to solve a specific problem, or 100+ days strategy/ innovation boot camps to multi-year transformation journeys to initiate change, reimagine and reinvent the enterprise, build and scale capabilities in-house.

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Engage in community events and forums with like-minded strategists to build the movement. Tap your network's superpowers to gain new perspectives and think in new direction to work through problems or crossroads.


Tailored for Your Needs

Accelerated. Personalized. Flexible. Scalable.

Independent Consultants

Learn the 21st century tools, methods and thinking in strategy, innovation and transformation and upgrade your skills. Use your superpowers to propel your client's business. improve their ability to cope with uncertainty and humanize their brand.


Accelerate your career by learning to use  fun, engaging tools and methods to sharpen your creative problem solving skills, lead change and create breakthrough's. You learn to bring design thinking and service design to every day work.


Design a custom strategy and transform playbook to defend against disruption, deliver positive impact, invest in intelligent automation, embrace simplicity, build high performing teams and a design-led innovation culture for return on investments.


Tie-up to upgrade your classrooms for design, management, and executive students and change the way you teach strategy, innovation and transformation to maximize their potential, become effective change makers and design leaders

A thriving career or organization is not created in a day. Start where you are, use what you have, and build from there.

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IMT combines the expertise of a design studio, management consultancy, and a training house to enable enterprises to become agile, resilient, and well-aligned — now, near, next, and beyond.


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