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 Forge Your Now, Near, Next & Beyond

An organization operating in an adapt-or-die environment demands a new approach to navigate the strategy journey — transform ambition into value and achieve breakthrough results today and tomorrow.

As board members and C-suite leaders you want to build something responsible, brighter, bolder, better,  and be a part of a legacy that matters. You want to inspire, be compassionate and inclusive. 

As ambitious employees, change agents, investors, coaches, and consultants you want the organization you work with to be nimble and entrepreneurial

However, using traditional tools, you are tired of mediocre results from your change, innovation, and transformation initiatives.

As an educator you want to change the way you teach strategy to executives, management and design professionals.

'Master Agile and Resilient Strategy' if for You If...

If you want to put PURPOSE at the core — motivate the stakeholders creating positive impact, invest to make a shift from why to how by confronting and bridging the gaps...

If you want to REIMAGINE and REINVENT into an agile and resilient organization, redefine playing field to create new growth and returns; create, preserve or recover value...

If you want to rethink business, behavioral, and operating model for sustainable growth;  unlock value, and run the business as a digital leader powered by data, digital, and AI...

If you want invest in, design and scale more relevant, differentiated, sustainable, valuable products and services — moving from ideation, to production, to go-to-market at an accelerated pace...

If you want to activate ambitious talent to build an  intelligent smart-risk-taking innovation culture  — to build, nurture, and scale business and operational initiatives with breakthrough results...

If you want to rewrite the economics of multi-dimensional customer experience beyond transactions, delivering consistent journey's from back to front, reinforcing their trust in the brand...

If you want to avoid the deadly pitfalls that doom complex transformation initiatives, using a simple easy-to read version of an actionable roadmap to success...

If you want to define a balanced mix of lead and lag indicators to measure the progress, monitor the outcome and impact of strategic choices,  make timely adjustments...

If you are committed to becoming human-centric. develop a multi-skilled workforce for agility, allowing everyone  to reflect, learn, grow, and contribute...

You can't put off tomorrow. 

So take the first step and pick a copy. Read it. Apply It. 

As Making Strategy Happen is All Up to You and Your Teams!

Margin from Top

You realize the need for a 21st-century toolkit to guard against disruption, revitalize the business with a coherent adaptive strategy to deal with:

  • shifts in the industry and customer dynamics
  • exciting growth opportunities
  • bureaucratic and a non-inclusive culture
  • underperforming leaders
  • disengaged team members
  • pressure from activist stakeholders
  • investors with high expectation
  • and more...

     But, where to start? What are the practices, processes, mindsets, and tools required to stay agile, resilient and well-aligned? 
    Hence the book "Master Agile and Resilient Strategy: A Design-Led Actionable Toolkit to Become Future-Focused" by Dr. Vidya Priya Rao.

What's in the Agile Strategy Reinvention Toolkit?

A mindset. A behavior. A framework. A method. A toolkit. A movement.

To deal with accelerated disruption, the author Dr. Vidya Priya Rao firmly believes future-proofing & safeguarding your organization and your career HAS TO BE an ongoing project. 

The only way to stay relevant and thrive is to build a SYSTEM that enables you to embrace uncertainty, bet on failure, and use it as your competitive advantage to alter your growth trajectory.

A SYSTEM that helps you Reflect, REIMAGINE, REINVENT, and Reevaluate is provided by the Toolkits in the book "Master Agile and Resilient Strategy".

Built over a decade of research, the book is a product of real-world experience applied to a wide range of market conditions. 

The critical building blocks of the toolkit include:

Proven frameworks that inspire progress by adopting mindsets and values to nurture the supporting conditions to make the shift.


The 12 Principles spur your teams to achieve a shared goal and bring your ambitious strategies to life, create a positive impact for all stakeholders, and deliver tangible results even in the face of change.


16 assessments, 100+ practical design-led actionable tools to bring about a shift in the way you approach strategy formulation, activation, and execution.

SYSTEMIC DESIGN                               

No single school of thought is at the center of this global movement. Different thoughts builds bridges between them to make strategy happen and lead lasting transformation.

I have selected the most relevant tools and techniques, from Agile, Behavioral Science, Business Design, Circular Design, Cynefin, Design Thinking, Future Thinking, Lean, Service Design, Systems Thinking, TRIZ, and many others, to help you proactively address wicked problems and fleeting opportunities in an adapt-or-die environment.


Alignment, Clarity, Flexibility, and Focus to adapt and outrun the magnitude of change and Manage Strategy Journeys.

Get Started With These Tools


Using the assessment Case for Change - Why Revisit Strategy? identify the external triggers or unaddressed issues to revisit your organization strategy. Use it assess your resilience to withstand sudden change.



Download the Toolkit to Build an Adaptive organization, a step-by-step guide, to stay relevant, become future-fit and guard against disruption. Simplify and accelerate your organization's transformation efforts.



Experience a four-hour intensive session packed with actionable tools to tackle real-life challenges faced by you, your team, or your organization. Learn the need to reflect, reimagine, and reinvent.(3500+ people have learnt it.)


Hi, I am Dr. Vidya Priya Rao

Dr.Vidya Priya Rao Author, Change Catalyst, Design & Innovation Coach, Educator, Founder, Strategist.

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Meet the author

Early in my career of over two decades, I witnessed the dissolution of  joint ventures, the crash of the dot-com bubble, technology disruptions, and the myriad challenges to realize the synergies of multiple merger and acquisitions. It was during this time, that I started to research and figure out how to not just survive, but thrive in the face of adversity using the power of design thinking and other methods.

In an increasingly uncertain world, the imperative for adaptability — comprising agility, resilience, and alignment — has never been more crucial. It's time for everyone to cultivate this essential skill set, enabling us to reflect, reimagine, and reinvent our careers and our organization.

The good news? Developing your adaptive prowess is entirely within reach. All it requires is the right mindset, toolkit, and skill set.

Enter "Master Agile and Resilient Strategy," the book designed to empower YOU to harness adaptability as your superpower. The  assessments, courses, consulting services, events, and resources stand ready to guide you on this transformative journey.

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Appreciation for the Book

Ashok Chandak

The book lives up to its name ‘Master Agile and Resilient Strategy.’ It conveys the importance for an organization to come out of its comfort zone and change its conventional way of thinking to foresee and plan for a challenging future. This is a guide to organizations to gear up for an evolving future by presenting a new dimension to their approach and urging them to go bold and ambitious.

Ashok Chandak, Chairman, Chandak Laboratories (P) Ltd

This book is a kind of art. It blends inspiring thoughts with deep knowledge in a way that each and every one can learn by reading it. It helps to deeply understand the concepts behind Agility and Resilience – a must-read masterpiece!

Markus Moser, CEO, Axtesys GmbH

Markus Moser
Jason Gonsalves

An extremely well-researched and well written book. It brings together various contemporary approaches towards transforming a leader’s approach to strategy planning and execution. A good guide for organizations seeking to redefine their business to create new and relevant value in a fast-changing world.

Jason Gonsalves, Director - Corporate Planning, IT & Materials, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

A well-written book explaining in a simple and storytelling manner addressing an important activity of an organization like strategy. The book has anecdotes to which the reader can easily co-relate and connect. The additions of surveys, canvases, and other dashboards will help any organization to implement the Agile process for Strategic Planning. Vidya has shared her long experience of working on helping organizations with implementing the Agile strategy. I wish such a book was available much earlier.

Venkat Menon, Chief Center of Excellence, Burgan Bank

Venkat Menon
Scott Newton

How do you make good strategic choices? In this highly recommended new book you will learn the secret sauce, principle for making strategy happen, how to develop and monitor strategic initiatives. Practical tools you can using right now combined with insights, questions and experience make this a must read. This book provides actions queues for building a Resilient organization.

Scott Newton, Managing Partner, Strategy and M&A Practice, Thinking Dimensions Global

Strategic planning is hard. This power packed book provides a fresh approach that gets an organization moving with an adaptable approach that leads with design and borrows from many disciplines. It is an in-depth guide filled with actionable tactical tools and new ways of thinking.

Bernadette Geuy, Founder, Power of Design Services

Bernadette Geuy
Mahesh Mirchandani

A must-read for those who want to combine strategy with a clear action plan. From the mind of Dr. Vidya, this book has the wisdom of an experienced thinker, guide, and doer. As organizations recover from the direct and indirect effects Covid, they need a head start to strategize innovation. This volume provides frameworks and the tools to help do just that.

Mahesh Mirchandani, Chief Technology Officer, TruDoc Healthcare LLC

Vidya is clearly an expert in the field of strategic management. Traditional approaches to strategy are no longer serving businesses that are operating in a constant state of change. The approaches that Vidya shares are what is needed for businesses to navigate an ever-changing and complex business environment.

Marissa Ellis, Founder, Diversily

Marissa Ellis
Sudip Mazumder

Simply put, the book is comprehensive, practical and can serve as a play book for all strategy professionals wanting to make a shift to formulating agile strategy. The templates for analysis and forming various strategic and execution alternatives are thorough and well-articulated. It's a must read for all B-School Graduates as it will help them understand how to make strategy happen.

Sudip Mazumder, Head - Digital for Manufacturing businesses & Strategic Infrastructure Projects, Larsen & Toubro Ltd

Dr. Rao's clear-cut, no-nonsense work will be of immense value for veteran entrepreneurs and start-ups alike, who wish to invest in resilience! The need for organizations to bring in a methodology to systemize employable answers to meet the challenges head-on will never go out of fashion. Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Vidya Priya Rao for her work, which will only help uncover roadblocks, while you enhance the value of your brand, employees and stakeholders alike.

Rohit Hangal, Director, Sphere Travelmedia & Exhibitions Pvt.

Rohit Hangal
Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury

Using agile methods, Dr. Vidya explains how to break down the scope of work into smaller units by focusing on the ‘how’ of strategy formulation. Teams can make adjustments to the strategy by testing, iterating, and continuously improving in real-time. A brilliant insight into Design Thinking for ensuring a company's strategy stays relevant.

Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury,  Group CEO, Darwin Platform Group

The way you explain a complex topic such as strategy formulation and execution in an easy-to-understand way is really impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thought-provoking content and applying it in multiple sprints with my team. Keep doing your excellent work.

Kuldip Ghosh, Founder, Cab-EEZ Infra Tech Private Limited

Kuldip Ghosh
Manish Mehta

Building and executing strategy is not easy. This thought-provoking book provides a wide set of options and approaches on how to go about building your strategic plan and how to realize it in the marketplace. It's valuable not only for strategy professionals but also to business leaders who understand that strategic agility is crucial to thriving in an ever-changing world.

Manish Mehta, Business Director and Board Advisor, RankOne Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

This is a pragmatic workbook by Vidya, a professional strategist with clients spanning innovative startups and sophisticated companies. By crystallizing the wisdom and insights gleaned from her experience, she guides readers into deliberating about the dynamics of their firms and acting on decisions to create competitive impact while focusing on fundamentals and an agile mindset.

V. S. Mani, General Manager, Siemens Healthineers

Victor Udoewa

Dr. Rao has created a power-packed book of stories, lessons, examples, tips, and advice for how to move your organization from traditional strategic planning to an Agile and Resilient organization using adaptive strategy. Sadly, too many of our organizations today still do the 7-year or 10-year strategic planning. Dr. Rao shows how to create a more Agile strategy while still being future-focused and future-informed. I definitely took notes as I was reading.

Victor Udoewa, CTO, CXO, & Service Design Lead, SBIR/STTR

A power-packed book for rethinking traditional planning methodologies and approaches in a rapidly changing business environment. Dr. Vidya Rao's book adopts an inclusive, user centric, empathetic and adaptive approach that's much needed to be agile and nimble. With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) proven to be an essential component in business sustainability, this playbook integrates DEI thinking, organizational culture and people engagement aspects as part of its readiness assessment frameworks. Well-articulated and designed for easy adaptability.

Tina Vinod, DEI Consultant and Strategist, ex Global Head of DEI for Thoughtworks

Tina Vinod
Asheesh Raina

One of the strengths of the book “Master Agile and Resilient Strategy” by Dr. Vidya Priya Rao, is the use of real-world examples and case studies to illustrate key concepts and techniques. This makes it easy to understand and apply the information to actual projects. The book is also well-organized and easy to read, making it a great resource for both new and experienced Agile practitioners. Strategy frameworks, templates, and toolkits and how they can be used to improve team productivity and deliver high-quality outcomes are particularly impressive. A wide range of topics including readiness assessment, carrying reality checks, generating best-fit strategic options, and putting them all together to kickstart your journey stands covered. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about Agile methodologies and their seamless connection with the organization’s cultural fabric and strategies. It is a great guide for teams and organizations looking to adopt or improve their Agile practices.”

Asheesh Raina, Vice President Growth Intelligence, Genpact India (Ex. Tata Group, Ex.Gartner, Ex. Accenture)

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